Always a natural at entertaining and growing up in a musical family meant always being surrounded by different genres’ of music, here began Lo’keys music journey….  

De’Andre Brown, born in Los Angeles and raised in Pomona, California. Well known too many fans, friends and family as Lo’key tha YG.


Why the name Lo’key tha YG?  “The name Lokey came from being more of a listener than a speaker, I was told I was always a quiet one, and throughout my journey, I’ve always enjoyed giving sound advice to the younger generation, so the YG derived from young guru”  


New release for 2022 titled “Bounce” featuring Lo’key Tha YG, Mr. Jeff from Costa Rica has released this single produced by Big Danny along with a visual by Snoopz Visualz.

In 2021 Lo’key the YG released a new Album titled “Straight To The Point” with the single added to the project titled “Welcome” and another titled “No Cheat Codes” aka “Wes Happening” featuring the legendary Bud-E-Boy Entertainment “Kokane”. The album is mostly produced by Tweek Beats aka “Tweeknowlogy”. Four more new singles from 2019 titled “Women” feat. Cashmier and E-Major produced by Tweeknowlogy, “Under Control” ft. Tonio Dai produced by RJ @ Full Range Inc., “Born Hip Hop” ft. AEM produced by Tweeknowlogy and a dedicated tribute to his Mother along with “Lace Em Up” ft. Tala Jones produced by Phat Beatz, were also added to the new album titled “Straight To The Point”.


At the age of fourteen Lo’key Tha YG decided he wanted step into the hip hop scene following the foot -steps off his Mother “Miz Tasti aka Louis” and his oldest cousin “Young Lexo aka AEM”.   Lo’key very first single titled “You Don’t Want War” featued his cousin Young Lexo aka AEM, and it was a surprise sound to his family, “His delivery was on point and his voice was seasoned as if he’d been rapping for years” stated by his Mother.  

Lo’key continued and began working on his music catalog with two more singles titled “West Ryde” featuring female reggae artist Sistah Ambussh and Young Lexo aka AEM,  and another titled “Yall Don’t Hear Me” featuring songstress Tinigi Starr.  These songs were played mostly on past sites such as Sound Click and Myspace.

Since then, Lo’key continued to release more songs that also featured recording artist “40 Glocc” titled “Boom!”, “Chuccz & Cortez” feat. Miz Tasti & Latin Rapper “Dirty Knucklez” along with a Youtube visual that shows the support of many friends and fans. Another release titled Fo Fingers Up” with a visual (Video) and “HollyHood” ft. R&B daMC and Yung Muusik,  following with “Crack Ya Knucklez” featuring “Miz. Tasti” & “Bossolo”.  

The songs “Fo Fingaz Up” and “Crack Ya Knucklez” would later be featured on his 2012 album titled “Blessed Wit Game” produced by Stone Beatz.

Much to the excitement of his already sizeable army of fans, with the album expected to be a success and fame imminent, the exciting, newfangled sound that he has made his own was certain to gain interest.


IN 2012 Lo’key Tha YG released his new album titled “Blessed Wit Game” produced by Stone Beatz and recorded at RJ Full Range Inc. Studio.  This album would display Lo’key’s writing ability, creativity, and personal apex.  The track list included songs titled “Black Superman” which was a tribute to legendary rap group “Above The Law” (R.I.P) KMG, “Stop Fakin The Funk” & “Real Niggaz Do” ft. Compton’s “Big 2da Boy”.  The albums main song “Blessed Wit Game” featured the Legendary “Playa Hamm” along with singer “Amazon”, more songs titled “Every Body Gang Bang”, “Hustlin” featuring  “The Young Giantz- (Big Joe West & Duece Mac)”, “Time Waits For No Man” and “Sexy” featuring Singer “Ramon”, “Be Patient”, and last “CA I Love You”.


In 2013-2016 during the time the album was being promoted.   Lo’key decided to do more features and be placed on various mixtapes and compilations so out the gate, Lo’key teamed up with Texas recording artist’s Anthony Ward aka Big T and Kash Cole on a single titled “Another Level”, this single played heavy on Texas IBFU Radio.  Lo’key was also featured on The Young Giantz album titled “#LoveLove” song titled “Luv No Moe”, Enois Scroggins “I Love Cali”, London’s recording artist Ashleigh K “Knock Me Down” which gained over 1 Million views, 2013 mixtape titled “Wild West” with a single titled “In My Hood” with Kay Nine Tha Boss available on, 2011 Bossolo EP titled “The Boss Playa Project aka The Vibe” song featuring Lo’key titled  “Summer Time”,  Beaches & Bridges Compilation Vol 3, Grindmode Vol 2 “Independent Chick” & “No Captain Save Her” with (Row Doggs) OG Rome, and Prince of Mississippi DJ TEC song titled “……..”

2016-2017 Lo’key dropped a single titled “This Iz Yo Life” featuring the Legendary rap artist “Spice 1” for Diamondz Entertainment Co.,  another single titled “Good Times” along with a fun visual (HERE) Produced by Tweeknowlogy and recorded with RJ at Full Range Inc. Studio in Moreno Valley, CA.

This edgy & insightful young man is clear on his views of life as a seasoned artist, and staying real and in touch with what’s going on in the world, as well as his peers. Lo’key Tha YG music and songwriting will confirm that he is the “real deal” and here to stay.

Lo’key Tha YG music also can be found at other sites such as: Soundcloud, Napster, Apple Music,  iTunes, Rhapsody, CDBaby, Twittermusic,, AOL Music, MSN Music, Amazon Fontana Artist, Ioda Illiances, Ourstage, Welcome2Cali, Broadjam, Tweettree and Tower Records online.




2005 Lo’key has done reality TV on MTV “Parental Control”, 2008 Cingular phone commercial with Forrest Witaker, a 2009 Southwest picture movie titled “The Label” where Lo’key plays as “Kidd 9” a rap artist trying to balance friends and the treacherous games of the music. 2010 Opening Music for World Champion Kick Boxer Kryptonight of “King of The Cage”, Host yearly for the San Diego Lexani Extreme Auto Fest Event 2010-2020 and still going.


Lexani’s “Extreme Auto Fest” Qualcomm Stadium, Roxies, Jaguars, Velvet Jones, Fahrenheit Concert Venue, Liquid Jones in Salt Lake City, Yost Theatre, Cultura Event Center in Tacoma, WA., Capital One “Open Kanvas – 360 Cafe”, The Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, Katie Jakes Bar & Grill, Tropics Lounge, Schmidy’s Tavern, Sol Sports Bar, Avenue 619 in San Diego, Beatshop in El Cajon, Jaspers Bar & Grill,  Boomers in Las Vegas, Venetians Gentlemen’s Club, Nenas Night Club, The Terrace, Fuego Night Club in Ventura, Skybox Theatre, Tri County Fair Bishop, CA., Sketchy Goons Store, Malones, Vaucluse Lounge, Los Globos, San Manuel Casino, Saboba Casino, Cage Fight intro, The Improv, Club Bliss, The Bar Fly, Cal State University, The Diamond Club, Gabah, Mixed Nuts Comedy Club, The Stone, Vault 350, Bloomington High, Washington High, The Rhythem Lounge, Pomona Civic Ctr., Anaheim Press Box, Cal State University, Riverside University, Club Bliss, The Bar Fly, Avalon, Bar Dot, Circle Bar, Ivar Hollywood, Joseph’s Café, Club  740, Twins Club, UC Riverside, The Coffee Depot, Club Sevilla, Fais Do Do’s, Canton Bistro, Angelo’s, The Vibe, Pharaoh’s, The Hudson Theatre, Stingers and Club Revolutions and more….


Lo’Key tha YG- Talented, hansom, and independent, has clearly set his sights on breaking new ground in music with his own songwriting and mature vocal ability. Lo’key Tha YG realism trademark, but it is also buoyed by a sparkling personality with songs that are anchored by stunning vocal displays that rival this generation’s greatest voices. Lo’key tha YG is an exceptional lyricist, performing and recording artist, his intoxicating lyrics cannot be denied.

The world will know Lo’key tha Y.G.   Street Motivation is proud to present this new, refreshing musical talent, and is confident that all audiences will be cast under the spell of–Lo’key tha Y.G!